About us

Zillion Luxx is a revolution in the fashion world . We exclusively give a lot of attention to our customer needs and satisfaction. At the end of the day making our customers happy with the product is our primary focus . If the customer is not happy we will make sure to resolve the issue by issuing a refund or however we can. We are teamed with the best suppliers around USA and we only sell to USA at the present. Our shipping Speed is exceptional as we only take 3-5 days to deliver your product to your doorstep throughout USA. We have a vision to be the number one providers of Luxury fashion around the world exclusively for women's. And we will definitely do it one day with your support . We will make sure you will receive the exact products shown in our product images and the sizes are true to their tags. OUR MISSION IS TO HELP STOP WORLD HUNGER. WE CONTRIBUTE 10% OF THE PROFIT WE MAKE EVERY MONTH TO HELP FEED POOR PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD BY DONATING TO CHARITY AND PERSONALLY DISTRIBUTING FOOD TO THE POOR AND NEEDY . THIS WAY WE WILL BE PROUD TO HAVE MADE SOME CHANGES FOR THE BETTER. [If you have any queries or questions please contact us at @zillionluxx@gmail.com we will reply within 48 hours] REGISTERED ®️ AND TRADEMARK ™️ 2022 @zillionluxx powered by shopify 🔌